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    Why should you expect or put up with anything less? We invite you to call us today. O'Hara Services has what it takes to be your all in one Landscape Maintenance, Sprinkler Repair, and Pest Control Service Professionals. Give O'Hara Services a call today at 561-655-9011 to get your landscape design, irrigation installation, pest control services, or sprinkler repair services.
  • Highest Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Highest Satisfaction Guaranteed

    The measure of your satisfaction is based upon the experience of our highly qualified and dedicated staff. Our Expert employees take pride in their work. Their goal is to stabilize your landscape , irrigation and sprinkler systems and pest control program to produce consistent results.Our uniformed crews are limited in size to keep workers close to supervision and property management. Repetitive duty assignments return the same foremen and crews to service the same properties, so they develop a familiarity that minimizes operational issues.
  • We Are Fully Licensed and Insured

    Fully Licensed and Insured

    All vehicles are radio dispatched and supervision carries cellular phones to offer prompt electronic access for directors and managers. Work orders and requests are received electronically and are responded to as priority items. Service interruptions are minimized by regularly upgrading equipment and reviewing safety procedures. For your protection, we are fully licensed and insured.
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    Our Clients Invest Their Dollars With Confidence with our O'Hara services because we produce reliable results time and again for our customers. Their property and landscape are an asset to enjoy, not a burden to fret over. Upward real estate values with professional landscaping, sprinkler repair and pest control services from O'Hara Services.
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Pest Control Services

pest control services south florida O'Hara Pest Control


O'Hara Services Pest Control and Extermination handles the worst pests that can ruin your home, office, lawn, or garden.  Our pest control and extermination service treats your lawn, home, or office, so the pests will not have a place to stay. Lawn treatment is one of the services that helps rid your home of outdoor bugs and insects that can ruin your landscaping. O'Hara Pest Control can also spray your trees and can save your trees from the harmful effects of pests.  We use only pet safe products when treating outdoor lawns, gardens, and trees as well as pet friendly products when spraying your home of office.  We will eliminate the pests and maintain the health of your trees, lawn, houses and offices. Call O'Hara Services today at 561-655-9011 if you need to schedule a home pest test with one of our South Florida Pest control experts.


Landscape Maintenance Services

Landscape Maintenance South Florida O'Hara Services


O'Hara Services offers a full range of Landscape Design and Maintenance options for our South Florida customers. We do both residential and commercial landscaping and landscape maintenance and can easily add your home, HOA Community or business location to our landscape routes. Our highly skilled landscape maintenance personel will work hard to make sure that your property looks clean and professional after every visit. We offer lawn mowing, tree trimming services, hedging, weed whacking, fertilization of your lawn, fertilization and management of your flower beds, and trimming and management of your trees. We can check all of you sprinkler and irrigation systems to make sure they are performing as well as treat your lawn and yard for any pests or rodents that maybe causing your landscaping to suffer.


O'Hara Services Provides:

Landscaping 100%
Tree Trimming 100%
Sprinkler Repair 100%
Irrigation Installation 100%
Hedges and Shrubs 100%
Flower Beds 100%
Rodent Removal 100%
Pest Control 100%
Fire Ant Removal 100%


Since 1973, O'Hara Services has been providing reliable landscape maintenance, pest control services, sprinkler repair and irrigation installation services to thousands of residents in community associations, HOA Communities, and commercial properties in South Florida's Palm Beach County, Martin County, and Broward Counties. Call us today at 561-655-9011 for a consultation of our award winning services.

O'Hara Testimonials


    Thursday June 26th I had my residential irrigation system serviced by Joseph Montas and James Cooke from your company. I had to write to tell you what a professional job they did, going well above and beyond the service I have received from other irrigation companies.

    Kind Regards and Many Thanks,

    Carson Maddocks
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